Friday, December 21, 2012

Milk_shake Glistening Argan Oil

I cant say no to hair oils... as the result, this week, I am welcoming Milk_shake Glistening Argan Oil to my hair oil stash.

Milk_shake is a brand by z concept, Italian company which churns out various hair related brands and products. Milk_shake is one of it.

Glistening Argan Oil promises to condition and nourish my hair... making it glossy and more voluminous. You can use this before of after styling. Just massage in few drops in your hair... lets hope it works.

I purchased the smallest 10 ml bottle, since I have enough hair oils to last at least 3 lifetimes. I was expecting at least a tiny glass bottle, since I paid more than 5 USD for this teeny weeny bottle. Unfortunately for me, the bottle is cheap feeling, light plastic bottle.

Lets forget about he plastic bottle, and see the content shall we, after all, the content is more important for my dried fried hair than the bottle. The liquid inside is golden and light, I can certainly feel silicone content inside. It is not heavy or sticky at all. It has vanilla musky fragrance which smells yummy – no worries it doesn’t linger long.

My hair feels smooth after applying this after towel drying. But i don’t feel my hair getting more moisturized when I apply this on.

Nice light hair oil to soften my hair. However, with the price, I will expect more moisturizing and more rich product.  

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