Friday, December 21, 2012

Oriental Princess Reflection Camaru Blue Eye Color

Like most make up brand nowadays, Oriental Princess also releases limited edition collection. When I bought this (2012), the current limited edition collection was called Reflection. Reflection offers various eye color duos and lipstick. I grabbed Camaru Blue, as I was intrigued by the blue and orange combination.

For a budget friendly brand, the packaging of this collection is impressive. The box is sturdy and the matte palette has substantial feel when held. The palette also offers generously sized mirror inside.

Look at that pretty swirl of blue and orange on the left side of the palette! I cant wait to swatch it... the color combo turn out to be sparkly sheer bluish forest green. The blue come up more pigmented than the orange swirl- it is almost metallic cobalt blue with healthy dose of shimmer. Honestly, I don’t think the two color complement each other... the green is more warm, the blue is more cold. The green, however, is a unique color. I don’t think I have anything like it in my stash.

The palette is solid – just like baked shadow formula. But I don’t see the company labelling it as baked. It can be used dry (like my swatch here) or wet. When applied wet, the colors appeared more intense. The palette is made in Italy.

A little mismatched color for my taste, but I am loving the shimmer.  I don’t think I will add more colors from the collection as I don’t really fancy the sheer quality of this shadows when applied dry. 

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