Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oriental Princess Aqua Fantasy Sea Fairy’s Touch Perfumed Talc

I don’t apply talc often enough to justify this purchase... but when a mermaid told me that i need to purchase this, I obliged. Blame the packaging for this purchase! Ha!

Oriental Princess is a Thai brand easily found on shopping malls in Thailand. The offers wide range of beauty products with wallet friendly prices!

This bottle of talc is said to contain nutrients from glacier water, cornflower and seaweed – to make your skin feel smooth and dry in humid, sweltering tropics.

To my surprise, this talc is baby blue in color! no worries, the color doesn’t appear once applied on skin. The talc is silky soft and gives the refreshing, tingly menthol cooling effect. The fragrance is soft yet refreshing- fresh aquatic with a hint of soft florals.  The fragrance is soft enough that it doesn’t compete with my perfume.

I enjoyed applying this mid day, just to refresh my skin amid humid air.

If this baby were readily available, I am definitely going to re purchase. The minty coolness when applied and silky soft texture makes it a pleasure to use. 

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