Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sleek Dip-It Liquid Eyeliner in 268 Forest Green

Sleek is a British brand famous for its wonderful iDivine palettes. Fallen in love with iDivine and their Blush by 3 palletes, I decided to try their liquid eyeliners.

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I have chosen Dip-It in Forest Green. Sleek claims it to be long lasting liquid eyeliner with Felt tip applicator. Dip It comes in various colors… from basic jet black to vibrant sky blue and glistening gold.

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As a packaging junkie…lets start with the packaging! All I can say is Meh… Unlike wonderful iDivine and Blush by 3, the material they used here totally look and felt cheap. Light matte plastic, plus its forest green color, reminds me of… this:

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The color is lovely… matte camouflage forest green, which pairs nicely with a light wash of my favorite Majolica Majorca BE 826 (similar tone to NARS Orgasm)

Applying it…is another story… I was expecting soft nice felt tip like MUFE’s aqua liner. Nope. It is not as soft as MUFE’s. and somehow the product dries so fast, single dip wont even take enough product to make a thin line on my upper lashline. Ho hum…  it also feels clumpy. Meh (again). All of that combined… I cant make smooth, neat, single swipe line as I usually make with my other liquid liners.

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Pretty color aside, I don’t think I want to deal with clumpy eye liner with uncomfortable applicator. 

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