Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baviphat Bodle Bodle Baby Foot Peeling Treatment

Seems like the baby foot craze has also reached Korea! Baviphat, a Korean cosmetic brand also has it's version of this peeling treatment.

The concept of this treatment is really simple, to make your foot skin baby smooth, you gotta do some peelinng to get rid of old dried hard skin. Makes logical sense to me!

I first started with Japanese brand called Babyfoot. Now I am going to try Baviphat's version! This one is very simple to use. Each pouch contains single large socks shaped essence infused plastic sheet (which is perforated in the middle, and you Need to tear off to make two pieces of socks to wear) and a set of stickers. the socks is made of soft white plastic, lined with non woven material inside. This non woven material is saturated with the peeling essence.

You need to wear the socks and use the stickers provided to fasten the top, just to make sure it won't fall off when u are wearing it. I personally find the stickers not strong enough, so I usually use my own tape or even rubber band to tie the top off. You need to out it on for about 1.5 -2 hours. Yes, trouble some, and it is hard to walk on these. So,usually I just sit an watch tv. After 2 hours, you can take off the socks and throw them off! Then wash your feet with water thoroughly, as the essence is sticky and slippery. The essence is very thick, almost like gel. And it doesnt smell nice, smells sourish.

unlike Japanese babyfoot, I find this make my feet feel uncomfortable and little itchy. now, it is the waiting time...usually it takes 3-4 days before the peeling started. My feet does feel a little dry but...don't moisturize your feet between socks application and peeling, as it will hinder the peeling process.

On me, the peeling process start 3-4 days after initial feet-soaking in the socks. I left trails of skin flakes when i walk barefoot on carpet and such! gross i know... To make the whole process faster, I usually massage my feet after shower to release the skin flakes. or if I have time, soak my feet for 10-15 minutes, then proceed massaging out the dead flakes. I strongly reccomend not to try peel the flakes when your feet are dry... it is hard, it is messy and it might cause cuts and nicks. no good.

I am enjoying this Baviphat's foot peeling, but I prefer the japanese one. as it doesnt smell as much and it doest itch during the soaking session.


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    1. Hi Dora, Glad this is useful for you. did you try the peel from Baviphat or other brands?