Saturday, March 3, 2012

Medusa’s Make Up Eye Dusts

I found Medusa’s Make Up thru It started as adoration to the brand’s simple yet pigmented blush, which lead to their website, I started browsing, with no expectation, as I know most brands don’t ship their stuff internationally. To my pleasant surprise, they ship international!!! 
With such lovely price proposition, USD 7 for eye dust and USD 10 for their lovely blushes, stuff in my cart started piling…

Eye dust is natural mineral powder eye shadow. It pretty much can be applied everywhere: eyes, face, lips… so versatile! It comes in 48 rainbow colors! How lovely! So far I got 13 of them… and currently seriously thinking to complete my collection! 

The formula across these colors I owned are heavely and consistent! They all packed serious pigments, some are borderline duochrome ! shimmer and silky…glides nicely and blended evenly. Add that wallet friendly price… this is pure joy!

Colors I got are vanilla latte, desert storm, blow, sahara, agent orange, pretty in pink, barbarella, liquid sky, atlantis, new wave, wasabe, counterfeit and comet. 

Vanilla latte is warm shimmery brown with a dash of mauve, blends nicely on my skin tone making it perfect crease color for natural shimmery look. 

Desert Storm is iridescent shimmery champagne –matches my skintone nicely, I sometime just wear this and eye liner on my lazy days.
Blow is simply shimmery white-seems pretty less useful in the beginning, but I find it nice to line inner corner or half lower lashline with it-just to make my eyes opened up a little
Sahara is iridescent shimmery sunflower yellow. I am not a yellow person, so I don’t use this as much as other color.
Agent orange is iridescent shimmery warm orange with a dash of coral… my favorite when used as accent color paired with brown on crease.
Pretty in pink is iridescent shimmery cold pink with a dash of lavender… this is one of the most duochrome of my collection. Sometimes it is pink, some times it is iridescent lavender. Very very lovely and unique.
Barbarella is shimmery lavender purple with slight metallic punch to it
Liquid sky is shimmery darkened sky blue
Atlantis is shimmery light navy blue
New Wave is shimmery blue with a dash of teal, my personal favorite of all three blues I owned
Wasabe is shimmery yellow-green with dash of certain neon quality in it. Another unique shade.
Counterfeit is lovely shimmery golden olive green-a color so easy to wear. The color almost blend on my skin.
Comet is shimmery pastel green 

I totally adore all colors, even though I tend to use some more than the others. All of them are shimmery and lovely. Swatches here was made by fingertip, light single swipe, without primer. 

One thing I’d like to change from these lovely dusts is the packaging. The tiny tubs arrived to me filled to the brim and with no sieve or some sorts on the top of the lid, it is just messy to open. The dusts got spilled a little when opening and closing the lid. 

So worth it…im gonna grab some more colors for myself!

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