Monday, August 18, 2014

Caudalie Divine Oil

This is by no means a new product... let's just say i've re-discovered it. 

I always love oils, especially dry oils. why? I can use it in many many ways.

Lately my hair ends has been suffering more than usual... oh well.. beside straightening my hair, these days I often dye it too. my LUSH R&B has been working over time... and I guess it is time to give my hair rest from it. I believe in switching products as hair needs changes ... doenst mean that I fell out of love with it... just 'taking time off' ... if it makes sense.

With that... enters Caudalie Divine Oil. I first discovered it during a trip to France. French pharmacies are like Disneyland ... arrays of skincare stuff... so many creams... so many oils... so many... many many things... One that stood up was this pretty bottle of Divine Oil from Caudalie. I usually use Nuxe's dry oil... but being me... I just have to try new product!

The oil is lovely, light and wonderfully fragranced with white floral fragrance. Soft, not overpowering... almost calming to my nose.The website mentioned that it is made of blends of wonderful oils... grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan. plus... they thrown in polyphenol anti-oxidants too. Plus... Caudalie will plant a tree for every bottle sold!

Enough marketing... let's go to the juice inside the bottle... The oil is easily absorbed by damp skin and towel dried hair... and my hair has been looking better with little mix of divine oil in my regime. Sometime I apply it alone after towel drying my hair or mix it with pea sized Lush R&B. I think it helps 'seals' in the moisture from Lush R&B and of course, adds gloss on my lackluster hair...

On dry hair, it makes my hair look oily. i usually mix with water or hair treatment water like this Lucido-L spray

For those with softer hair , I guess massaging in a single spray on towel dried hair is enough in order not to weigh down the hair too much.

My skin is loving this oil too! again, in my opinion, it is best applied on towel dried skin. This oil has saved my skin during winter! after bath, i would apply it liberally before towel drying, massaging in slowly while enjoying the lovely fragrance. then I would apply my body butter/creams as usual. 

One thing that makes this bottle of oil stands up is the design! i just love the substantial feeling of the glass bottle with grape bunch silhouette stamped on the bottle, pretty on the eye, but makes holding and spraying the bottle with wet/damp hand easier. and the cap... i just adore the wooden-inspired cap. not wooden, but totally looks like wooden cap. pretty pretty!

dry skin/dry hair savior for me with wonderful soft fragrance and pretty bottle. a must try!

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