Monday, August 25, 2014

Peripera Tap Tap Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Disney Frozen 1 Let It Go

Squeal! Another Elsa make up! This Summer I’m so happy that a Korean brand, Peripera has launched a Disney Frozen themed collection. I reviewed the liptint earlier, and now, it is time for the eyeshadow palette. 

Just like the liptint, Peripera offers 2 different palette too: 1 Let It Go and 2 I’m Happy, Kristoff. Elsa’s color is naturally cooler toned than Anna’s. 

I’m loving the packaging here… not only because The Frozen Queen herself is there, but also because it has big mirror attached to the palette! I love big mirrors for easy application! Peripera also includes dual tipped sponge applicator, but I don’t care about that, since I almost always apply shadows with my fingertips. 

The palette itself contains three colors: cool toned iridescent white with shimmer finish… which reminds me of snowflakes. Warmer pink tinted purple with shimmer finish. And darker aubergine with shimmer as well. all three are sheer and easy to blend, but building up color is possible without cakey finish. 
The powder is easy to pick and soft, pleasant to work with.
Now, the shimmer might not be every one’s cup of tea, but me, I like it. It glimmers nicely, very Elsa! I can totally see a make up artist re-creating Elsa’s eye make up with this palette. 

Workable texture, lovely shimmer and perfect color combination! Very Elsa, very spot on!

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