Saturday, August 23, 2014

Peripera Magic Glam Lip Tint in Disney Frozen 1 Let It Go

Ah… I haven’t been so giddy and excited waiting for my precious box of make up shipment from Korea for the longest time… until Frozen collection from Peripera, a Korean brand.Not only Elsa got the make up treatment, Olaf and Anna got their own make up too! From foundation, eye liner to eyeshadow (reviewed here) !

From the lips department I have chosen Elsa’s color in 1 Let It Go. Anna also has her own color called 2 I’m Happy, Kristoff. 


I wont talk much about the packaging… since, obviously it is super cute with Elsa on the box and the tube itself. 

One unfortunate thing is that the tube itself is not transparent. I prefer transparent tube, as then, I would know how much product I have left. 

The applicator is super user friendly, with pointed tip to apply the lipcolor more precisely. The color itself is bright cool pink, with medium pigmentation. Each dip manages to pick up just nice amount of product to cover the lips lightly. 

Here, on my lip swatch I applied single layer of the liptint. As you can see, it is rather sheer, but buildable to more opaque finish when you want it. This one has glossy finish and feels light on the lips, kinda hydrating too!

Boy, the tint really does its job properly! It stained quickly. The arm swatch on the right was taken about 1 minute after I applied the liptint on my skin. As you can see… it does stain!

Not only that, the single swipe I applied in the morning lasted thru the day! my lips was still beautifully stained until dinner. Well, of course the gloss has worn off by the time I had my second cup of tea, but the color only faded lightly. After my dinner though, it was mostly faded. Nonetheless, count me very happy with the longevity.


I am loving Elsa, I am loving her color. The light yet hydrating texture is a win. The gloss and long lasting staining property is spot on too. Love! Good job, Peripera.

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