Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Peripera Pride Up Snowflake Cushion Pact featuring Elsa from Frozen!

Oh … I’ve never been so excited about a foundation until I see that… Elsa’s having her own make up product!

This one is from Peripera, a Korean brand. This Pride Up Snowflake Cushion Pact promises light coverage for refreshing summer make up! 

Ahhh… soooooo cuuuuttteeee!!!

Not only Elsa, Olaf the snowman now owns powder and nail polish series. Elsa and Anna have their very own eyeshadows palette - Tap Tap Eyes, glossy tint for lips and eyeliner set called wholly deep eyeliner kit. 

The nail polish set looks appealing for me, as it contains 2 glitters and one sugar/pixie dust finish nailpolish. You can, of course, opt to purchase only one polish, not all three. 


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