Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shopping Guide: Online Shopping For Korean Cosmetics

I love love love Asian cosmetics... not only they are more affordable, most of the time they are super cute too! With big brands like Etude House churning new things regularly, Korean beauty scene is something I always keep my eyes on for new launches, new products and cute stuff...

So now, let's go shopping! I'm currently living in Asia, but not Korea or Japan... therefore, I'm always on the look for honest online shops with reasonable price and good international shipping options. I think all shops I listed here offers shipping to USA and Europe too. 

Dont forget... beware of fakes! I've seen quite a lot of fake cosmetics floating around. always beware of deals that's too too good... I will go away from 'exceptionally good buys'. Trust me... I've seen lots of fake stuff... you dont know what they put inside, i dont think you want to put it anywhere near your face... or skin.... *horror*

1. the easy peasy, always updated: EBAY!
but, I wont be buying just from anyone. as usual, pick shops with experience and good reviews. Call me negative, but ... I wont see the glowing reviews... if I want to see how good this shop really is, I will head to the negative/neutral review section. See how they handle issues and if there's a pattern in the issues customers are complaining about.. like... 5 complaints of bad packaging out of 10 negative reviews is a tell tale for me. 

As much as I like make up, my need of that Minnie Mouse lipstick, powder and blush is not a life-threatening situation... try to buy small items first from a seller you/your friends never have bought from. If the packaging is good, shipping is fast, response is good... and most importantly, goods they send is actually authentic... then... buy the rest of the series. So at least, if this seller is bogus, you wont get ripped off too much money. 

Dont forget to recalculate with the shiping fee before you commit to buy anything in ebay. Shipping fee is often a dealbreaker for me...

I first know this shop from ebay. They pack their goods in neat box with bubble wraps and all. they also offers free shipping! big YAY!
Based on my experience, f2plus1 updates their Etude House inventory quite often.

another reliable ebay seller and online shop. Good packaging too. No free shipping, but the charges are not crazy. 

4. rubyrubyshop in ebay
After roseroseshop, i often buy from rubyrubyshop. I dont have any idea if those two are related, but sometime stuff in rubyrubyshop is more updated than roseroseshop. Also offers free shipping!

Please add on the list if you have good experience with a seller or online shop! just paste the web address in the comment section. 

Happy shopping!

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