Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vichy Capital Soleil Suncare Oil SPF 20

I still clearly remember... when I was a kid, I hate any kind of suncare precautions. I would try my best to avoid my mom slathering them on to my skin before playing in the poor or beach. I will refuse to wear cover-ups after swimming. And every, single, time... I paid for it dearly... my skin turned red and painful... bye bye swimming pool, hello sunburn.

Oh... but getting sunburnt skin is not my only problem... my hair got 'sunburnt' too!

It will get so frizzy and tangled and ... almost crispy. Plus... my hair will get lightened... not in a good beach blonde way. Washing my hair apres swimming is a real pain... tangle tangle tangle...

Recently though, I have found myself a solution! Vichy Capital Soleil Suncare Oil SPF 20. (They do SPF 40 too... but when I got it, the shop only have SPF 20 left). 
Vichy is a French brand that you can get easily in European pharmacist (seen them in France and Italy at least). Like most french brands sold in pharmacies, they are focused more on skincare then make up. 
Yes, Vichy's website mentioned that this is meant for skin, but I like to experiment with my beauty oils. On skin, it makes my skin looks well hydrated, but not too oily. It has light floral fragrance which doesnt compete with my cologne. 

But, I found its wonder on my hair... before swimming in the sea, I would apply this oil liberally on my hair. really liberally... the result... after whole day of swimming, my hair is easier to manage ... less tangles in the shower, easier during brushing. I am loving it. Yes, oil slicked hair might not be everyone's cup of tea. But you will love the result when you shower... and your hair will be wet from swimming anyway... 

Usually I love heavy glass bottles, but this time, I am super glad with this light plastic bottle. And the spray format is just so handy... application on skin and hair is super easy. Plus, I can simply throw it in my beach bag and not worry about it spilling or broken in my bag.

This bottle has been my hair savior this summer. highly recommend it!

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