Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beauty 911 - Beauty Oils

One item which I never ever leave out from my travelling pouch is, obviously, beauty oils. I always have spot for a tiny bottle of baby oil. When I have extra space, I squeeze in dry oils such as Nuxe Huile Prodigiuse or The Body Shop Beautifying Oil.
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Not once or twice did one of my oil collections safe me from beauty 911. 
Let’s start from the top: hair. I applied baby oil on my split ends when once I ran out of conditioner. Just beware, baby oil overdose will make your hair appear greasy, apply one little drop at a time. I find dry oil to be less greasy to the hair.  Work it always from tip, allowing each oil drop to get absorbed before adding more. I never apply oil nearby my scalp, for simple reason, I don’t want to look like a wet rat.

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Not a surprise here, oils are fantastic 911 moisturizer. I like to use it after bath before towel drying my skin. Apply generously over wet skin; then dry your skin with towel as usual. This will make skin feels less oily, but just nicely moisturized- especially when you are using baby oil.
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I love a little dry oil for my cuticles too. Little goes long way here, unless you fancy oily fingertips. 
Last but not least, my favourite way to use oils... as make up remover. Of course; don’t slather your face with it. Dip your cotton ball or Qtips and wipe... voila... make up gone! For more stubborn stuff, like waterproof mascara or MAC liquidlast eye liner, apply the oil lightly and let it rest for 5-10 seconds, then slowly massage to dissolve the pigment residue. Wipe with tissue paper to absorb the oil, then wash with facial cleanser as usual.
One thing I wont use my baby oil for is... face moisturizer. I don’t think baby oil is as easily absorbed by facial skin than body skin. Moreover, some might find the main ingredient, mineral oil, might be irritating for more sensitive skin.
Bottomline... always have a tiny bottle of your favourite beauty oil in your luggage!

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