Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oriental Princess – Body Cologne Cream in Story of Happiness Oriental White Flower

I totally feel intrigued with the name of this product... “Body Cologne Cream”... is it a light refreshing cream? Is it cologne in cream form?

Oriental Princess is a Thai brand, easily found in shopping malls. Usually their products are sold in concept boutiques. Oriental Princess covers pretty much all your beauty need... from cutesy hand creams, various hair care and stying products, make up, perfumes... you name it, they got it. not to mention that the products are pocket friendly!

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I am loving the packaging. Look at the pretty box and frosted glass tub... this is the perfect gift for a friend! Sure it is not travel-friendly, but I’m sure it looks pretty on top of the vanity table.

The “Story of Happiness” series belongs to their perfumery line. Beside this Cologne Cream, the line also offers hair cologne and body cologne. The cologne cream promises velvety, well moisture skin with long lasting fresh yet soft fragrance.

The cream is thick and rich. It glides nicely on my skin, unfortunately, it doesn’t get absorbed that easily. I feel like the cream is sitting on top of my skin. Even though the cream is thick, it doesnt feel  super moisturizing. It just make my skin feel comfortable, but it doesnt improve dryness.

The fragrance itself is not as white-flowery as I expected. It was more like floral-rose infused baby powder.

Pretty addition to my cream collection, but not moisturizing enough for my dry skin. 

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