Sunday, November 25, 2012

Illamasqua Lip Twin Set in Obey & Plentiful

With the entire cult following stuff, I am very curious about Illamasqua’s products. The brand started as cult British make up line famous for brave colors and crazy pigmented products.

 As a novice to the brand, I decided to try more subtle colors first… so I picked up their lip twin set which contains Intense Lipgloss in Plentiful and Matte Lipstick in Obey.

Nothing fancy in the packaging here… plastic lipgloss tube and simple-but-cool square lippie tube with curved sides. I do love the simplicity and the cool factor of the lipstick tube.

Now the product… I was expecting Plentiful to be one of those milky gloss which settles on my lips. But I was wrong… it somehow manage to stay nice while showing off its pretty color when worn. Plentiful itself is a borderline neon milky pastel peach. Worn alone, it doesn’t show super neon color, but subtle yet noticeable milky peach. The color stays on me for about 3 hours before starting to fade (I sip my tea a lot). It didn’t just disappear, but leaving soft peachy tint by the end of 3 hours. You can easily wipe off the peachy tint with plain tissue if you want to. I didn’t taste anything, but it is lightly fragranced. What can I say… I am loving this color right now…

Obey on the other hand is more difficult to pull off. Mainly because of its matte formula. My lips are naturally dry, and applying lipbalm underneath doesn’t help. In an hour or so, I can see my lips feeling drier.

Obey matches perfectly with Plentiful, hence most of the time, I wear them in layer. Layering gives me pop of color with healthy gloss thrown in. perfect! For colors which are beyond my comfort zone (the neon-ish factor), the duo is surprisingly wearable and lovable for my skin.

I totally would buy more colors from the lipgloss range. But for the matte lipstick, I don’t think my dry lips agrees with the formula. I am planning to try lipstick from other formula.
The colors are surprisingly wearable. Pigmentation is perfect too.  

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