Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rilakkuma Body Lotion

Another one from Simply, a Taiwanese brand. I picked this body lotion up together with Rilakkuma Moisturizing Face Mask. Too bad I cant remember the exact price, but i know for sure, it didnt break me bank! Actually, I have just finished this tub recently. The lotion was so thin, I managed to finish this rather big tub in no time.

One of the main ingredient the lotion advertises is shea butter. so, I was expecting this to be moisturizing. unfortunately, it was not as moisturizing as i expected. Dont get me wrong here, it is still a pleasant lotion to use!

the texture is slightly runny lotion with sweet chocolate smell. however, I do feel the smell is slightly artificial. nice thing is, the lotion got absorbed in to skin easily. but as I said before, the level of moisture it offers is not enough for my perpetually dry skin.

cute addition to my closet, but I wont repurchase, even if I can get it easily- the artificial fragrance and merely lightly moisturizing property is not enough for me.

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