Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oriental Princess Beneficial Magic Eye Colours in 05 Mist

Look at that pretty butterflies! Aren’t they pretty, nesting on top of the eye shadow palette?

This time I am trying Oriental Princess’ mono eye shadows, which is also in baked formula. Made in Italy, the container offers 2gr of product ...plus a big mirror inside the pan! The packaging somehow reminds me of Bourjois’ famous blushes.

Oriental Princess is a Thai brand which offers variety of beauty products. From skin care, perfumes, hair product to ... of course, make up!

05 Mist is cool magenta pink with iridescent sparkle. When applied, the sparkle is not so obvious that you look like a disco ball. Looking at that pretty magenta pink, I am so tempted to try it as a blush... guess what, when applied lightly, it does make a good rosy blush. Looking at the result, most likely I will use this baby as blush than eye shadow.

Nicely pigmented eye shadow with the little-est hint of sparkle. I am using it mostly as a blush – it gives me fresh pinky cheeks. If The product is more readily available, I will definitely purchase more.  

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