Wednesday, November 14, 2012

As Seen On ...Bond Girl Severine - Amplified Louboutin Nails

Seen Skyfall yet? Two thing I remembered the most from the movie were Adele singing the theme song and... Severine's make up and nails. 

Remember those days when the beauty equation was like this:
dramatic eyes + bold lips = disaster?

Those days were over! Bond girl Severine proves that it is okay to do both eyes and lips….
(picture from

Lovin' her look!

And look at that nail! First we have the Louboutin trend – black on top and red on underside of nails- just like those covetable Louboutin shoes. Then now we have this gold Louboutin as seen on Severine.

Granted, it won’t make a big difference for those with short nails… plus it makes cleansing the polish pain in the arse… but I do think it adds extra oomph when done on fake nails (means no messy cleaning the undersides of my nails…yay!)

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