Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oriental Princess Concentrated Cuticle Hair Treatment for Fluffy Hair

For fluffy hair... that’s a product made for me! Woots!

This baby was part of my haul from a Thai brand, Oriental Princess. Easily found in Thai malls, they are affordable yet offers plethora of products.

The serum contains vitamin E acetate and jojoba oil to strengthen and moisturize. It also promises to strengthen my hair and to give more body – not that my thick hair need extra body, but, I do need stronger hair.

The serum is thick and glossy, easily absorbed and non sticky. It has no fragrance. I can strongly feel the presence of silicone ingredients here – as it feels that signature silicone slipperiness. My hair becomse softer and more shiny after application. Just like other silicone based products, this doesn’t add moisture on my hair at all, just softness.

I love moisturizing products, this is lovely, but not moisturizing enough for me. I’m not going to repurchase this one... even though I do think it will make great product for those looking for softness and shine alone. 

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