Monday, November 26, 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate Moss in 101

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It was love at first sight with… the packaging of this Rimmel lippie. Yes, it was the regular plastic tube from Rimmel… but something from the Kate Moss collection somehow called me. May be it was Kate’s cute signature on the tube? I don’t know.

For those not familiar, Rimmel is drugstore beauty brand from the UK. Most of its products are available in Singapore’s Watson. This year (or was it last year?) Rimmel launched Kate Moss lipstick collection. There’s regular lipstick and the matte lasting finish lippie, like the one I bought here. Just like other Kate’s collection, the line promises vivid colors and comfortable wear. The Lasting Finish collection offers 5 super wearable color collection.

101, is matte natural pink, very creamy and glides easily on my lips. The color is super wearable, especially for those with paler skin tone. One me, it is a pretty MLBB (my lips but better) pink-nude. The color is super similar to my own lip color, hence it just make my lips tone appear smoother and more even. I find the color and texture smoother than the regular Rimmel matte lipstick. The lipstick is scented with Rimmel’s signature fruity-ish fragrance.

Not surprisingly for mattes, this product is pretty drying on my (already) dry lips. But it doesn’t feel as drying as the regular Rimmel matte lippie. The color is pigmented, single swipe is enough to give you full coverage. The finish is more velvet than matte. My lips doesn’t look dry and it is still creamy enough to give the comfortable feeling when applied. Nice thing is, as it wears out, it doesn’t settle on my lip lines. It fades evenly in 3-4 hours (with my regular tea sipping and almost constant snacking).

Pretty color for everyday use with perfect pigmentation. It also features comfortable texture for matte lipstick. I will definitely buy more if they offer more colors.

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