Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kanebo Ichikami Hair Treatment Oil

Hair oils… I am in love with them right now. Previously, I tried Ma Cherie’s Hair Oil, and now I am trying Ichikami’s version. I am so intrigued with this one, as this baby promises tsubaki oil. I have been dying to try the buzzed up tsubaki oil. In fact… I purchased this one because of the tsubaki oil content.

As with other Ichikami’s products, they uses ingredients that’s used since ancient Japan for haircare; such as black rice extract, tsubaki oil, hiougi (a kind of iris), mukuroji and walnut. Ichikami says this oil prevents and repairs serious hair damage.

I do love the packaging, small plastic pump bottle with small nozzle. Making it a breeze dispense small amount of oil at a time.

The light clear oil has no discernable fragrance. It is not sticky and get absorbed easily. This oil doesn’t add any weigh on my hair, it just add softness and sheen. I don’t notice any stark result difference when I applied it on my damp towel dried hair or fully dried hair.

Another pleasant to use light hair oil. I love the small plastic bottle and tiny nozzle for easy dispensing. It is light and makes my hair feel so soft, I think this would be nice for finer hair or normal hair. I won’t repurchase as it doesn’t add moisture as much I want my hair oils to. 

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