Thursday, November 1, 2012

LUSH R&B Moisturizer

Here in the tropics, as we welcome rain and humidity… I welcome… even frizzier hair. not fabulous at all.
But… with a little welcome from LUSH, my ever-frizzy hair is way more manageable. Beauties and handsomes, please meet my current favorite… R&B Moisturizer!!!
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When I first picked this off LUSH online shop, I was amused by the fact that LUSH says it works for African American curly hair. Actually, that makes me grab the tiny 100gr jar instantly. As usual, LUSH always has stories behind the product… which in this case, was 3 store managers with problematic hair.
Well, now the product… LUSH promises: dry no more, vegan and work out for out-of condition hair. all these three, I can say, I totally agree!

This moisturizer is innocent looking pastel yellow cream in LUSH black plastic jar. Don’t be fooled. It looks innocent, but do apply with care… as it is super moisturizing. Even for me, I always pick a little product at a time, massaged in, then pick a little more when needed. Else, you will end up like a wet rat.

Now, I tried both methods of application as LUSH suggested. On semi-dry / towel dried hair, it doesn’t moisturize as much as when I applied it on fully dry hair. I recommend using it only on your dried ends, not too near to your scalp… again, oily scalp aint pretty.

My favorite way of using this is to apply on my hair ends after straight ironing and leave on Vrai Argan Oil. When I do this at night, I wake up with easier to manage and less frizzy hair. lovely.

Ah, yes… the fragrance. I enjoyed the fresh floral scent of R&B. but bear in mind, this is not your watered down fruity floral colognes… this is jasmine. Not as jasmine-y as LUSH Jasmine and Henna Fluff-eaze. When applied over night, I wake up with softly scented hair. pleasant, but not too strong that it competes with my perfume of the day.

Definitely repurchase for me! Dry hairs, frizzies… this is your heaven-sent moisturizer! Those with fine and normal hair… remember to apply with care on towel dried hair. 

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