Friday, May 6, 2011

Naris Pore Clear Pack eggshell & charcoal

I am obsessed with black heads on my nose. Okay, they are not big, not too visble too... but enough to drive me crazy. And so... I pick everything I find that’s related to blackhead removal or nose pore tightening. This time Mr Humpty Dumpty managed to get himself in my pore fighting regimen...
See the Humpty Dumpty with moustache there? Hehe... This product is from Naris, Japanese drugstore beauty company. It is believed that eggshell and charcoal inside this Pore Clear Pack is going to help me get rid of those blackheads.

This product is actually one of those black colored peel off mask for the nose or other blackhead infested area. Consistency feels similar to regular facial peel off masks. Only black in color and without fragrance.

I slap them around my nose area, wait until it is dry, usually 10-15 minutes to make sure every single part is dried... then I peel it off.

Well, this time, the blackheads won again... I didn’t see any visible reduction whatsoever. Just skin around my nose feels fresher and cleaner after use.

In Summary...
Packaging: plastic tub with 20g of products inside
Collateral Damage : SGD 12.9
Texture: regular consistency, dries in 15 minute-ish if spread evenly
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you like peel of mask, you cant resist products promising less blackheads ( like me)
No if... your skin is thin/sensitive

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