Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kanebo MFC Color Accent Eyes in EX01

Got this one just because it is from Japanese cosmetic giant – Kanebo.

I heard MFC is sold in Japanese drugstore only, I got mine online. The color attracted my attention. Mine is combo of glittery pink-mauve, brownish wine, pale yellow and white.

Packaging is very simple clear and black plastic, with some design on top. I kinda like the design. It was not luxe at all, but good enough. As usual, Japanese palettes almost always has easy to follow diagram to create look with the palette:

The pink, yellow and white are very glittery, while the wine was not as glittery. Too bad it is not pigmented at all. I don’t fancy the colors when I tried to layer or build up the intensity. So, most probably I’m gonna use them only as glitter top coat for less glittery shadows.

Now the liner color – the wine... it is so sheer and somehow fades easily. By lunchtime, I cant see if Im wearing any eyeshadow...

In summary... not my cup of tea...


  1. Oh, I found this post via google! :)

    I was looking for a MFC nail polish I bought at a Family Mart in Tokyo and found your post. Where did you buy it online?

    Love the eye shadow colours are awesome btw!

  2. Hi Ms. Squirrel!

    i got mine at adambeauty.com
    totally reccomend this guy. fast response and good customer service!