Sunday, May 22, 2011

Koji Eye Talk

My left eye had fold on the crease –something like double eyelid, while my right doesn’t. This makes my left eye appear bigger than my right. And I just realize it these few weeks. Upon realizing, I am just so desperate to make the right one has double eye lid too. let’s hope this product helps...
As you can see, tiny plastic bottle of Koji Eye Talk comes with fork like plastic thingy.

I thought wearing this would be an easy task. It is not. The first few times, I tried and tried and didn’t manage to achieve good results. I consulted the manual, all in Japanese by the way, and the illustration didn’t help.

Until I realize, my mistake is applying the liquid first then folding the crease. When it should be the other way round! Ha!

Koji Eye Talk is latex glue like substance to glue and make your eyes appear to have a crease or double eye lid. You are supposed to make/find your crease by pressing gently with the prong thingy, 4-5mm from lashline, then apply the thin milky liquid on your lids around the wanted double eye lid area. Then wait until it is semi dry for about 2-3 minutes. When it is ready to fold, the liquid turns clear. Then with the prong again, slowly press and make the crease. The glue will stick on your skin and make it appear to have double eyelid.

It is counter intuitive, however, i find it best to apply shadows and eye make up first before using Eye Talk. If you do the other way round, the shadow will stick more on the glued area and i find it totally ugly borderline yucky.

The glue thingy removes easily with simple washing with warm water and facial cleanser or cleanser on cotton pad.

However, to make natural looking crease is not easy and require alot of practice and knowing where to make the most natural crease for yourself.

In the beginning, it is slightly uncomfortable to wear on daytime while going to campus or working in the office. Takes some time to get used to it.

Since i wanted to make a permanent crease, nowadays I wear it only when I’m home sans make up or sleeping. Let’s see if this makes the crease more permanent....

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