Saturday, May 28, 2011

SANA Make Essence Face Powder SPF 15 PA++

This is probably the cutest powder I have ever bought...
Blue sad faced elephant with ginormous oily face and I have one thing in common: oily face! This product promises me no shine all day long including T zone area and no cakey/powdery finish? I am sold... give me one of that!
SANA is Japanese brand which always brings cutesy make up and body care stuff to the drugstore. This one which the cute elephant brought me is called Make Essence Face Powder with SPF 15 PA++. The Make Essence line also features pore concealer, eye bag concealer and eye and lip concealer. All endorsed by cute animals with humanly facial woes

The pressed powder is housed in ivory colored plastic compact with the elephant printed cute.... it comes with a tiny puff and a mirror is housed inside too. This format is so convenient to stash in my handbag for mid day touch ups! I love the size, the mirror and the puff. But not so much the plastic material...I can foresee it will get dirty and scratched very soon and the elephant will fade as other items in my bag (Lord knows how many item I carry daily...).
Now the powder itself! It is very light ivory-beige in color. Not to worry, it applies matte and translucent. It gave minty fresh fragrance, which disappears after application. I would expect anything minty fragranced to feel tingly or icy upon application, but Make Essence face powder does not give me any tingly feel. Disappointed, may be... but this is good news for those who has more sensitive skin than I.
Under normal circumstances, any translucent powder I applied on my T zone will only display its effectiveness within 1-2 hours. After that... my T zone will appear oily as if nothing is done to mattify my face... this is where Make Essence Powder makes the difference! My T zone appears matte even after 4-5 hours! Hurrah! I can feel that my T zone is oily if I touch it, but it doesn’t appear oily. Must be something in the powder! Whatever it is I am loving it :D
In summary...
Packaging: plastic, with puff and mirror inside
Color variations: comes in only 1 variant
Collateral Damage: SGD9.9
Texture: translucent, matte powder
Mattifying Power: 4-5 hours! Yay!
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you want super oil absorbent mattifying powder, the shade suits you, you cant resist that cute yet oily elephant endorsing the products
No if... you don’t like the light, rather flimsy plastic packaging, you don’t like fragranced products, your skin is dry or not oily

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