Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kose Visee feat Aula Aila Glam Shade Eyes Limited Edition in BR9 Gypsy Gold

Once I started with Visee I cant seem to stop. Wanted to get 2010 collaboration with Mercury Duo, but the color I am interested in was sold out in Adambeauty.com. Then I saw the recent Aula Aila collaboration and grabbed it!
As usual, the packaging of this palette is just gorgeous. I almost always love how Visee palettes look like. Look at that ‘sequined’ look on the palette... lovely
As usual, Japanese palettes comes with fool proof diagram to recreate the model’s look..
Now the most important thing... the colors! Left-right: ivory, chocolate, dark brown-olive, black-grey and cream textured glittery silvery-ivory. Only the most right is cream, the other are nice easy to use powder with soft lovely creamy feel.

All are shimmery and pretty, except the creamy which doesn’t pack pigments, just shimmer and glitters. They are rather sheer, the most pigmented is the black-grey (second from right).

These gorgeous color are very easy to work with. Simply fool proof. No matter how you combine them, it will still look gorgeous and matched. Best of all... office friendly!

I do think I am ready to grab more Visee and the other Aula Aila palette! Now this... is what I call value for money!

In Summary...
Packaging: made of plastic but gorgeous and well decorated
Color offering: only 2 neutral palettes are available from Aula Aila collaboration
Collateral damage: USD 21.5 without shipping
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you love neturals, you enjoy sheer and shimmery shadows
No if... you want more colourful palette and hate online shopping.

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