Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Etude House Color POP Shine Tint Sunny Pop in #02 Sunny Pop

Poppy colors from Etude House! I cant resist from getting myself one of these babies the moment I saw it popped in Etude House Website! This one is, of course, from pre Summer 2013 Color Pop.

It comes in 5 color variants … all pretty hues of orange! I picked 02 Sunny Pop.

As usual, Etude House excels in package design. Cheery bright orange with that comic book feel. The tube is made of plastic that’s light but still feel sturdy. Now now… look at that wand… doesn’t it remind you of L’oreal Shine Caresse Dazzling Shine Fresh Moisture Light-Weight Lip Color or… even its predecessor… equally mouthful YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain. Similar with YSL and L’oreal, these babies are supposed to deliver long lasting color, with vibrancy of lipstick and also a pump of gloss!

Upon application, however, it feels different from YSL or L’oreal version. This is definitely heavier than YSL or L’oreal version, but still lighter than most lipstick/gloss. It is definitely glossy, but not jelly-ish glossy… and it definitely deliver the color. 02 Sunny Pop is birght tangerine on me… reminds me of Sephora’s Pantone collection from 2012 and Clarins Corail Hawaii to a certain extent…
(Etude Shine Tint Sunny Pop wand, Sephora Pantone 2012 Lipstick skin swatch, Clarins Joli Rouge Corail Hawaii skin swatch, Etude Shine Tint Sunny Pop skin swatch, Etude Dear My Lips Talk Color Pop OR 214)

Too bad for me… this color just doesn’t work out on my yellow-toned skin. It just make my skin more yellow and my teeth also! Grrr….

Unlike YSL and, to some extent, L’oreal… Shine Tint does transfer to my teacup rim. Wonderful thing is, it is not drying or sticky!

With YSL or even L’oreal, I can expect staining action. And the color tends to develop to deeper hue as time pass by. With Shine Tint, I didn’t see the color developing to deeper hue… it just fade away…  it does leave a nice stain behind after I wiped the tint off my lips.

The stain stays for quite a long time… in the lip swatch picture, the bottom picture is to show you how the color stain look like after I wiped up the shiny tint. It pretty much stays all day long, until I remove it with oil make up remover and followed by facial wash.


If bright tangerine is your cup of tea, Sunny Pop is for you! The stain really stained. I am enjoying the light texture and glossy finish, albeit not as light as YSL Glossy Stain! This baby also scores high for longevity!

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