Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Make Up Academy Shimmer Kisses Blusher in Pink Shimmer Kisses

I have heard about Make Up Academy for ages now. Been lurking and contemplating at their products for a while too. I was initially curious about their fluffy effect nail art (which I will review later). But for today, I’m going to share with you the blush.

MUA is a British beauty in a budget brand. But I heard their quality is pretty good! Shimmer kisses is available only in Pink when I placed my order. It is made of 4 squares of colors, meant to be mixed with your brush and applied.  You can also pick the lighter color only and use it as highlighter.

As you can see, the packaging is simple black square with clear cover. slim and functional. it is made of plastic and feels light. 

I was expecting a shimmer bomb when I ordered this, considering the name of the product… “shimmer kisses”. It is far from shimmer bomb I expected it to be… in a good way. In fact, they are more pearlish then shimmery. The top left (darkest color) and bottom right squares are actually matte satin while the other two is subtle pearl.
(all colors mixed, then individual squares starting from top left darkest color)

Pigmentation wise, it is pretty sheer, even the darkest doesn’t really show up when I applied on my cheeks with brush… I don’t think I will use this as blush, but more as highlighter or just to give a hint of fresh colors on my chin and forehead when im feeling particularly pale.

The blush is firm and didn’t get disintegrated easily. The texture is nice and finely milled.


The color combo appears pretty and natural on pan, but it doesn’t translate to my cheeks much. The pigmentation is lacking. This will be more suitable to be used as highlighter than blush. 

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