Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Innisfree Shadow Pencil in 6 Sour Citrus Fruit

Im not a big fan of pencil shadow… I found most pencil shadow crease on me by lunchtime. Unless… you have an adorable cockatoo like this one promoting the pencil like this one… too bad, she only comes as a seal sticker between the pencil and cap... gotta peel her off to use the pencil ....

Innisfree is promoting this line of pencil shadows and eye liners for summer 2013. All cheerful colors and waterproof too! Designed for quick, easy make up with creamy texture.

Of the colorful and neutrals offering, I picked apricot colored shadow in 6 Sour Citrus Fruit. The shadow is almost metallic pastel apricot. If you blend it too much, it will appear as shimmer… kinda reminds me of Nars Orgasm, but much more metallic and more warm.

The chubby pencil is not that smooshy, yet still easy to work with. Single swipe will give you sufficient pigment. The shadow is creamy enough for easy breezy blending before it sets. It takes quite a while to set, providing ample time to mix colors.
(Innisfree Shadow Pencil & Etude House Eyeliner swatches)

As for the longevity… well… nothing can beat my favorite Urban Decay Shadow Pencil… the color begins to fade after lunch. I find it last longer when I set it with similar colored powder shadow… but this is totally beside the aim of being quick, easy make up.


Good range of colors, lovely & easy to use texture. Too bad it faded too easily on my oily lids. 

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