Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Etude House Proof 10 Bling Eye Stick in 5 BL801 Bling Wave

Since I saw the advert in Etude House website, I am itching to try one of these Bling Eye stick myself. The name itself sounds fun… and the color looks super interesting! This Eye Stick is part of Etude’s 2013 Summer release Bling in the Sea.

These pencil shadows / highlighter is currently available in 5 colors. All appears white, but when applied nuance of colors will appear. Super interesting… Etude recommends to use this as lower lash liner for outer part of your eyes. But I also see its use as highlight for eye lids shadow, to be applied in the middle of the lids to make more 3D eyes.

I am loving the packaging color of Bling in the Sea series. This pastel seafoam blue is simply irresistible… making me want to head to the nearest beach (or at least pool) and have my own little holiday! The pencil is twist up, no sharpening… yay!

The color…. As you can see… it is nearly white on the pencil, but it becomes clear with hint of glistening color when applied. Bling Wave BL801 is cool purple-bluish in color. There is very very little white or milky pigmentation… it is mostly pretty sheen of shimmering color. Unless you are applying loads of it, like the swatch I made on my hand, I don’t think you will get the whitish cast.

This pencil is creamy, you only need a single swipe to get the shimmery colors. It takes a while to set, this gives plenty of time to blend and work with the color. My lids and eye area is super oily, hence only the most bulletproof eyeliners and shadows will stay put (hey… MAC Aqualiners and UD shadow pencil!!!)… this one, clearly don’t fit the bill. It travels a little, and I can remove it easily with wipe of my bare fingers after lunch… again, thanks to my oily lids. Thankfully the shimmer doesn’t travel or fall on my cheeks.


I’ve enjoyed playing with it as accent color… it makes my eyes appear brighter, thanks to the bluish cast. Applied on eyelids, it makes eye make up look more 3D too. Longevity wise, it is not one to count on. Thankfully, the simmer doesn’t travel or fall on my cheeks. Removal is super easy. 

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