Friday, February 24, 2012

Etude House Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails

Part of the lovely and chic Wannabe collection from winter 2011! To be honest, the whole Wannabe theme made me purchased this one. If they were sold as single polish-I wont be so interested in these!

From Wannabe collection, I also got the Style Making Kit make up palette, Lipsticks and Lumiball Highlighter.

The kit come with 3 matchy polish- glam pearl (for base color), sparkling silver (middle color) and bling bling rose (tip color). This set is meant to make the famous gradation style nail color. Very easy to use and make!

All three colors are has clear base. Glam Pearl has clear base with hologram tiny glitter and silvery-pearly shimmer. Sparkling Silver is silver glitter with round rose gold big glitter suspended in clear base. Bling Bling Rose is silver glitter and medium silver hologram glitter in blue-pink clear base. I don’t think these are available as single polish in Etude’s permanent collection

I made these nails by applying Glam Pearl all over my nail, then Sparkling Silver in the middle-top part of my nails and Bling Bling Rose on tips of my nails. No need to be very precise like making French manicures here- the base colors and glitters blend nicely to make pretty gradation effect. Top coat is necessary to make my nails feel smooth without glitter particles poking out. 

I adore the girly-breezy look it created on my nails…

Drying time is average, nothing to shout about. Too bad these chipped easily-even with my favorite Poshe base and Seche top coat! On 1st day of use, I can see chips already-even though not so visible-as the whole clear glitter thing makes it look normal. 

I don’t get the ‘perfumed’ part though… I can smell sweetish scent, but very vague. And I cant say I like this ‘perfume ‘ so much…

Nice kit for those lazy days. Unfortunately, it chipped so easily. If you can get it at retail-it is worth it, but not if you need to pay jacked up prices.

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