Monday, February 6, 2012

Clear Last Treatment Primer - Base Make Primer

Honestly, I have no idea what is this thing I grabbed off Sasa Taipei’s rack. It just looked pretty in pink and the illustration of lady on the box was just reassuring that this tube is going to do me good. 
Clear Last brand belonged to B&C (previously Sony CP), famous Japanese brand. Clear Last products are supposed to give us long lasting clear skin. Sounds nice!
Unfortunately I cant read Japanese, and when I visited their website ( , this product is not listed anymore. May be it is discontinued or upgraded? 
This primer is light beige in color and offers no coverage at all. It preps my skin before make up very well. I applied mine after my daily moisturizer. My skin feels and look matte – my colored make up (eye shadows and blush) applied nicely. Unfortunately for me, this doesn’t help controlling my oily T zone.  
the tube says it cotains W hyaluronate. looks like it is supposed to moisturize too, since it also says 'moisture essence'. however, I dont feel this primer moisturize my skin. it just make my skin ready for make up and matte.
Nice addition to my make up wardrobe, but not an essential one. I am going to use this only with sheer eye shadows & blush.

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