Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge in PK 5

Another cute, princessy lippie from Japanese brand Lavshuca. I grabbed this partially because of the shape of the tube (very Dior serum de rouge –like) and the word ‘moist melting’ in its name. sounds like something my lips would love. 
Just like its doppelganger, Dior Serum de Rouge, this one is very soft and has melting-when-applied texture. The slim tube contains 1.6 gr of product… very tiny if you asked me. Even though I tried turning the dial little more than I need – and successfully retract the bullet, I do not recommend turning the bullet out too much. The product is so soft, so could smush it upon application. 
PK 5 is crème mauve-pink, an MLBB color for me! Glides nicely and smoothly on my lips. it gives my lips nice gloss, the color is sheer and coverage is minimum. As it is very moisturizing and soft- it gets transferred to my cup rim very easily. The color is pretty much gone after 2 sips of tea- the glossiness persist up to 1 hour. 
Purchased mine from Watsons Taipei.
Not for those who doesn’t like reapplying their lippie. Deeper shades might perform differently, but I don’t think this is very useful beside to make pretty addition to my lippie tube collection.

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