Friday, February 24, 2012

Banila co. Very Kissy Lip Plump in Envy

Banila co. is Korean brand- I’ve stalked this brand for its always chic seasonal make up collections. When I finally manage to purchase some products from Banila co., I grabbed this one along. 

I’m not sure from which seasonal release is this gloss (or is it part of their permanent collection?). Banila seems to have a few lips plumping product. Very Kissy is in gloss form.

Envy is blue toned clear pink with silver and gold fine glitter. Swatched on my hand, this appear like a normal clear gloss with silver and gold shimmer. Not very disco-ball, but still shimmery. Applied on lips, it looks clear and glossy-the shimmer is not really visible unless I looked closely. 

I can say this gloss is pretty heavily scented – sweetened fruit scent. When applied, it gives tingling feeling on lips- feels like mint flavored lipgloss, only much stronger tingle. It does have light minty flavor, but nothing to make me want lick my lips all the time. Kinda surprising, Since the fragrance is sweetened fruits, I was expecting sweet taste.

Even though it looks like a clear gloss, it does give my lips stained look after a while. Magenta-pink kind of stain, very subtle, but I noticed it right away. This lip swatch is taken after 1-2 hour wearing the gloss…see the difference in color. It is not as glossy actually, since I just realize the color change (and took picture subsequently) when I re apply the gloss after all my snacks and tea sipping. 

Definitely not for sensitive lips- it is heavily fragranced and stings a little. For me, it is not very worth it- as it doesn’t plump my lips very much.

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