Tuesday, February 7, 2012

L’oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 371 Pink Passion

Lately I’m drawn to drugstore lipsticks more than ever. Started with my craze with Revlop Lip Butters, I have started to try other newer lippies from the drugstore. In the past, I immediately link drugstore lippies to so so pigmentation and not so fabulous texture. Let’s see if Color Riche can change my perception!
The shade I got for myself has Intense Brunette label on it. There’s line of intense colors for Blondes too… In Sogo Indonesia (department store, yes, L’oreal are sold in department stores too in Indonesia), I only saw the Brunette series. This Made for Me series should come with matching nail polish, but the polishes were nowhere to be seen. 
I was torn between Pink Passion and their coral tangerine borderline neon shade:  Magnetic Coral. Worried the pretty coral would turn ugly on me if the lippie is drying, I chose the safer Pink Passion. Pink Passion is intense pink-tangerine with slight glossy finish, that just pop on my face. I feel it makes my face glow! So pretty. 
Pigmentation was wonderful- single swipe is all you need. As with any other creamy intense lippies, scrubbing your lips is essential if you didn’t want the pigment got stuck under some dried patch of your lips! It feels totally comfortable and creamy – but not light, it has certain ‘weigh’ to it. But not the old school lippie waxy ‘weigh’ .  L’oreal website says this range is enriched with a combination of Omega-3 oils and Vitamin E.
Like other creamy, moisturizing lippies- this one transfers easily to my cup rims. I got about 1-2 hours of intense wear (with my regular snacking and tea sipping inbetween). The comfortable feeling lasted all along, doesn’t feel drying even a bit. After that, the shine wanes down, but I still got lovely stain on my lips. For those avert to intense color, you can achieve this stained look by applying the lippie then blot the color a little with tissue.
Unfortunately, the tube feels rather light and flimsy. I am worried it will get scratch all over if I put this in my purse for too long. Nonetheless, it is pretty to look at. And I just love the details on the bullet- it has L’oreal logo embossed! I just love tiny details like this.
I am totally returning to pick up Magnetic Coral. This lippie range is great way to try on fun, fashionable colors without breaking the bank!

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