Monday, February 27, 2012

Skinfood Red Orange Sun Pact SPF 50+ PA +++

For some reason, I just adore SkinFood’s red orange series. The combination of orange and rose-gold colored packaging is just appealing! Plus… it has SPF of 50 and PA+++. Good for me! Red orange series feature regular powder compact, facial spray and gel textured BB cream (which I also purchased, but haven’t tried).

I adore the outer design, and also the inner design! The compact features large mirror and puff anddd…. A plastic layer (not that flimsy film, but window-like clear hard plastic) to separate the puff and the powder. Ahh… hygiene comes first when it goes to powders! I love love love this design!

Skinfood says this clear pact (means compact powder, really) will give me bright and lively skin, plus it has sebum absorbing property. Okay… this powder is not really clear- I have to blend properly if I don’t want to look ashy and powdery. So, absolutely not for deeper toned beauties! And dry, flaky skin patch, beware! This will accentuate those pesky flaky, dry patches! It has ultra light orange scent-nothing too strong. I can only detect the scent if I sniff the powder compact very closely.
I used this as touch-up powder in the middle of the day, and need to blot and re-apply after appox 2hours. i say this compact doesnt give oil control as much as i wanted it to.

i dont like this as much-excecpt for the genius compact design. the powder is too bright at times, and  it doesnt control oily skin as much. this, might be treasure for very fair ladies with normal skin.

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