Saturday, February 4, 2012

Revlon Age Defying Face Illuminator in 020 Pink Light

I don't really need another Highlighter... But I always ended up purchasing one every time I saw new Highlighter in the aisle. Hey... Small drugstore ingulgences won't hurt, right?

This hillier certainly promises alot... Beside the obvious highlighting job, it also promises to defy our age... And Revlon even thrown 'spa' in the tube! Sounds fantastic!

First the packaging, I thought incorporated brush would be a genius idea. Unfortunately for me, who simply haven't master the use of highlighting brush... This one doesn't work. I end up wasting a lot of product, especially since a lot of it is stuck in the brush when I squeeze the tube to dispense the creamy product. The brush can swivel to 'on' and 'off' position. Make sure you turned it to 'off' whenever you put it in your bag or pouch. I ignored this on off mechanism, and learnt the hard way, that cleaning up messy Highlighter in make up pouch is no fun. Also, I can't seem to wash the brush.... And I don't like keeping dirty brush saturated with creamy product in my make up stash...

Now the product... It us ultra creamy. I wore it only with the lightest moisturizer I own (I'm using johnson & Johnson clean & clear oil free moisturizer underneath this). It is definitely moisturizing.... But beware, this also means I have to blot more frequently than usual , I have oily t zone. Also, wearing too much of this make my face look like oil factory. use it with caution... Highlight strategicalLy... Near brow bone, upper cheek bone is okay too...but don't go slather this allover your face.

The colors lovely.. Pale shell pink with shimmers. When used properly, this makes my face look glowy. It has light fresh floral scent, which dissipates after application. The color is sheer and pretty when blended.

I don't like this, since it is too creamy for my combination skin. Those with normal or dry skin might like it more than I do.

The attached brush is a flop for me... I want clean brush when applying my make up!

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