Tuesday, March 15, 2011

POP Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Indie Pop

Another one from POP Beauty! Yay! This time it is Indie themed.

As usual, slim mini palette with 12 shades inside. The palette is made of cardboard with mirror inside. I just love the color combo in this collection... they have pale highlighters, neutral mid tones and pretty liners in olive-black, shimmering navy, dirty teal-green and shimmering plum. I just love the colors...

Cost me SGD 18, and I do think this is worth it. Texture is lovely, pigments are good. Some pale colors blended too well with my skin tone. This really allows me to experiment with colors I normally steer away from like that shimmering plum and matte teal-green! Love...

Available in Sephora Singapore.

In Summary...
Collateral Damage: 18 SGD

Is it worth it?
Yes if... you love small palettes, you want color variations, you adore POP beauty
No if... you want more products in your palette


  1. Hello, there:)
    Nice, I really like that palette..
    Could you tell me where you bought it?

  2. Hi Dandy,

    I got mine in Sephora Singapore in ION.