Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow Palette in Blue Orange 03

After swatching Dolly Wink’s Cream Eye Shadow (swatch here:), I just have to swatch this powder shadow palette too! The colors are just to poppy to ignore. And of course, the kawaii factor of Tsubasa and the packaging just makes this Japanese drugstore brand sooo hard to ignore.... See what I mean...
That was the scan of promo booklet... so cute!

Now the swatch...
Even though the palette looks strong , these are very sheer and will not give too much poppy color when applied.

The ivory gives slightly pearl finish, but the orange, teal and black are light matte. The texture was just okay, not so extraordinary.

In Summary...
Packaging: kawaiiiii
Color offerings: 4 palettes, one neutral browns and the other 3 mix of neutrals and poppy colors
Price: SGD 32.9
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you love kawaii packaging and Tsubasa sooo much
No if... you want more pigmented colors

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