Friday, March 4, 2011

Majolica Majorca Sugary Trap & Dolly Wink

Lookie lookie...
Majolica Majorca’s new chapter is in my local Watson’s! Majolica Majorca is one of my favourite Japanese drugstore brand. New from Sugary Trap chapter is 4 blushes (even though I only saw Peach Macaroon, Strawberry Macaroon and Apricot Macaroon), Limited edition powder case, cream pencil liners with 2 new colors, Brown lash expander frame plus mascara, and 2 new palettes Jewelling Eyes eyes hadows.

Nothing interesting, aside from the cute color combos and pretty packaging. The only items (okay, 2 items) which caught my eyes immediately were Peach macaroon and Strawberry Macaroon blushes. Both not shimmery and pretty looking.

Not only that...I saw ...DOlly Wink!!!

Wooohooo...Dolly Wink is here! Another Japanese make up line. This one is heavily endorsed and ‘produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka’ (may be it means created by Tsubasa Masuwaka?). Tsubasa is cutey kawaii hugely popular Japanese model. Gaining her fame by gracing Pop Teen magazine more than a few times.

This whole line includes mascara, eyeshadow palettes and cream eye shadows. While adoring the kawaii packaging, I was sooo shocked to see the colors of the poppy can anyone pull this off outside the studio? But fear not... It was not heavily pigmented. In fact, very sheer when I swatched on my hand.
The mascara was surreally expensive for drugstore line, so I am not going anywhere near it... I love my Canmake Gokunobi and Kiss me Heroine mascara... and wont go near SGD 29.90 a pop drugstore mascara anytime soon.
Mascara aside, the cream eye shadow, comes in Gold 01 and Crystal 02, looks very pretty. The texture is not cream, more like soft jelly turning powder when applied. Do not expect any pigmentation, these stuff are pretty much clear with many random sized glitters. You hear me, glitter, not demure soft shimmer like I expected it by looking at their official website pictures. These glitters do sparkle, very pretty be it in door or under sunshine. Unless it is overcast out there, it glints and reflects light nicely. Under overcast they look flaky and not so pretty thou... was thinking to get the gold...but... may be for another time...

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