Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow in Gold 01 and Crystal 02

Few days back I saw Dolly Wink line, and I was pretty interested in their cream eye shadow. This Japanese brand bring such pretty promo pictures of the model (and creator?) Tsubasa Masuwaka.
And so today, I went back the shop and consider Cream Eye Shadow in Gold and Crystal again.
Too bad the promo booklet was in Japanese and I don’t understand any of it... (these scans are from the promo booklet)

Now the swatch!

Both Gold and Crystal do not have any pigment per se. But each does pack lots and lots of chunky glitters. Gold 01 is made of various sized pale golden glitter. While Crystal 02 brings you mix of silver and rainbow colored glitter chunks in various sizes.
The texture is not creamy...more like soft jelly which turns to powder when applied. And let me warn you... the glitter chunks transfer easily. I didn’t prime my skin before swatching, but this is waaay too messy for my liking.
And finally, I decided, there is such thing as too much glitter in my eye shadow dictionary... These babies, at SGD 19.9 per piece...are a little expensive for my current budget. Aso I left the cute cream eye shadows in the pretty promo rack before rushing to the cashier to pay my other hauls...
In summary...
Packaging: kawaii plastic palette
Color offering: 2: Gold and Crystal
Price: SGD 19.9

Is it worth it?
Yes if... you need more rainbow colored or pale gold colored glitter in your life, you love the kawaii packaging, you adore Tsubasa very very much and willing to fork out SGD 19.9
No if... you don’t fancy your glitter transferring everywhere, you want more sensibly priced eye shadow, you prefer more demure powder eyeshadow

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