Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heme Pore Clarify T-zone Peeling Mask for Men

Ha! When it goes to pore, oil control and acne related stuff, I don’t hesitate to grab men’s skincare line! My pores are so productive producing oil, softie softie pore cleaner won’t help.

Look at that cute mole rat carrying the white flag...isn’t it cute?
Anyway, this pore peeling mask comes with girls’ version and men’s version. The one I got for myself is the man’s version.

A bit about Heme:
‘Heme International Inc. was established in March 2003. They focus on manufacturing skincare products for young Asian men and women around the age of 20 to 35. The name 'Heme' comes from the combination of the words, He & Me, which means the best skin solution for both young females and males.

In 2008, Heme began collaborating with well-known cosmetic research and development labs and manufacturing companies in Japan and Korea to develop a new product line to cater to market demands for quality skincare products. They hope that with their affordable prices, good quality of products and significant results, they will be able to provide better choices and variety for their consumers. Heme aims to provide reasonably priced imported beauty products with the hope of being among the top skincare brands for young women in Taiwan.’

About the product:
‘Exclusively formulated to cleanse skin, clear up blackheads and refine pores.

How to Use: Apply at night to a clean, dry area of T-Zone, Leave for 15 minutes or until mask has set and peel off. ‘

To the most important part: the product! This must be the thickest peel off mask I have ever tried. It is black in color. Even though the instruction said to leave it to dry for 15 minutes, mine took nearly 30 minutes to dry. But may be because I am used with applying thinner product, and hence applied too thick in this case. I applied it on my nose area.

One thing I am sure this thing is doing is exfoliation. After peeling the dried mask, I can feel my nose area feels smoother. Not surprisingly, those pesky blackheads are still around, may be some of it got lifted away, but not most of them.

I can say I haven’t found pore mask that is really really effective getting rid of my stubborn blackheads. But this product is fun to use nonetheless. I like the fact it my nose feels smooth after use 

In summary...
Packaging: rather cute
Price: SGD 14.9
Texture: thick, dries in 30 minute-ish
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you love peel off mask, you don’t have thin sensitive skin around nose
No if ... you want to see all those blackheads off in single application

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