Sunday, July 3, 2011

Etude House Aloha Water Veil Fixer Mist

Started with my curiosity to Evian’s mist (which I never tried until now…), I started to try mists when I saw them. But again, never get to purchase them.. thinking… those bottles would just end up sitting on my desk doing nothing, as I prefer to wash my face or use toner to refresh my skin mid-day. That’s all history now…

This summer Etude House with Sandara Park as endorser launched Aloha collection. The collection is totally suitable for summer – ice primer, poppy lip colors, waterproof mascaras… and… this mist!

Aloha Mist promises nutrients and moisturizing ingredients to replenish skin’s moisture and balance. Sounds like heaven for my constantly-exposed-to-drying-air-conditioner-skin.

First all, the spray itself. It is aerosol can, unlike most mist I see coming from Korean brands, which are regular spray. The problem with regular spray is, it doesn’t nebulize the product enough, I some time end up with tiny water droplets on my face, instead of evenly and thinly sprayed mist. That’s usually rather disappointing for me. Aloha’s aerosol can gave me that thin even mist on my face, which almost instantly evaporates, making my skin feel cooler. Very refreshing indeed!

While it is good for the office or outdoor use, it wont be suitable for frequent flyers. Aerosol cans are no nos in airplanes….

I cant detect any fragrance on this one. Wonderful thing is… it is not sticky or makes my face oily. It is simply refreshing. I sprayed some generous amount on my fingers and tested it… no sticky residue at all.

This is totally suitable for mid-day pick-me-up! This is totally gonna be my mid-day staple for a while. Definite repurchase (if they can mail the stuff here…)

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