Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in Golden Pink 3 and Golden Berry 15

The moment I saw Yves Saint Laurent’s Golden Gloss, I was half convinced ... this gloss is made in Heaven! (Golden Pink on the left, Golden Berry on the right)
Okay, you cant really see the heaven-ness of this tube... the tube is unique square shaped, okay, not the first in market to use squared design, but I still like it a lot. Secondly...the colors and the shimmer inside! In real life, GOlden Pink is more peachy pink than Golden Berry that is more fuchsia pink. Both with lovely golden glitter of course!
The colors are pure heaven, I am spoilt for options and the shimmer inside... this gotta be made from outer space. Tiny golden specks...not the big huge glitter chunks, not the small hardly visible tame shimmer too... this is just perfect.
Granted the colors look kinda strong and too obvious in tube, but when you wear it, it is sheer yet still give nice dash of color on my lips. And those shimmers, it doesn’t feel gritty or sandy! Love!
The gloss is scented with signature ‘mango’ scent just like Rouge Volupte, but not as strong. Now, don’t imagine the mango scent to smell like fragrant golden mangoes you picked up in the local fruit counters. It smells more like mix of soft fruity fragrance. Not very mango, if you asked me. Not a turn on, not a turn off too...
Another extra point for the design... I hate it so much when the lipgloss I wear sticks all over the wand when i pulled it out. I hate the ‘messy’ look, and I feel like I those chunks stuck on the wand body is just wasted (okay, the chunk come back to the tube, but I just don’t like it). This wonderful wand... doesn’t pick up the gloss on its body, but only on the brush tip! Too bad I cant manage to take proper picture to share with you how neat and clean the wand is everytime I pulled it out.
Last but not least, the lasting power. This baby, last the longest time. I have never tried any gloss that stays as long. Even with my rigorous tea sippings, it lasted me 2-3 hours. After that the glossiness wane off, but the hint of color lingers around and some of that lovely golden shimmer sticks around. Lovely lovely...
This is gonna be one of my favourite gloss...
In summary...
Packaging: squared off tube made of clear plastic
Color offering: 4/5 lovely choices
Price: SGD 31.2 (without tax)
Texture: non sticky gloss
Moisturizing: 4/5
Staying power: 2-3 hours with tea sippings
Will I buy more? Yes yes YES!!!

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