Sunday, February 20, 2011

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Shine in Blooming Apricot 26

I am not a big fan of Givenchy’s lipcolors. I tried their liquid lipcolor few years back, and it was super ultra drying. Not fun. But looking at the color of this one, I just have to give Givenchy lip color another try...
Dont you just adore the packaging and color? The lipstick is enclosed in the clear light grey with soft silver glitter plastic casing, you take it out by pulling the cute silver ribbon on the tail of the lipstick.
The color...lovely! bright cheerful apricot with soft golden glitters! It applies sheer, the swatch on the left was single swipe, the other one was 3-5 swipes.

Rouge Interdit Shine smells like my previous Givenchy liquid lipcolor: artificial flowery fragrance that I don’t really fancy. Application was smooth but it has slight sandy feeling. Not surprising, considering the amount of glitter it packed.

I love the color of my lips with Blooming Apricot applied, unfortunately, the formula was very drying. 2 -3 hours after application, I really felt the dryness of my lip. Givenchy ...oh ... Givenchy...

In summary...
Packaging: cool looking
Color variations: 4/5
Price: IDR 260,000 (that’s about 28-29 USD, assuming 1USD=9,000IDR)
Texture: light but slightly sandy/gritty
Moisturizing: 1/5
Staying power: 2-3 hours with tea sippings in between
Will I buy more? Nope, too drying and expensive too!

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