Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Lipstick in Madras Pink 60

This is how I got introduced to Yves Saint Laurent lippies...

Yes, it is used up lipstick bullet, but this is my favourite color! See how nice it is on my skin... blue/fuchsia based pink with subtle golden shimmer. When applied on lips, it appears to have soft pearl finish.

I do think this is one of the oldies in YSL lipstick range, as I have been using this baby for a few years by now. Always this color: No. 60. Like other YSL lippie, this one is scented too: but not the newer signature mango scent. The fragrance here smells more like soft rose with fruits. I prefer this fragrance than the new mango scent.
This applies easily and pretty pigmented too. As you can see in the swatch, single swipe (on left) is not so much different from multiple swipes (on right).
Feels very light and comfortable upon application. However, Rouge Pur doesn’t score very high in the moisturizing department. It is not exactly drying, but just a little bit. I can handle it by applying light balm underneath, before applying Rouge Pur itself.
In summary...
Packaging: simple, plastic with golden finsih
Color offering: 4/5 I saw rather huge variety of colors in the display
Price: i forgot already how much I got this baby, as I buy them brainlessly...(just ask for rouge pur no.60)
Texture: slides nicely, very light and airy on lips
Moisturizing: 2.5/5 just a little drying, balm underneath will solve the problem
Staying power: 3-4 hours with tea sippings
Will I buy more? Of course! May be next time I would try other colors too... No.60 looks a little lonely there...

Have you tried other colors from Rouge Pur? Which is your favourite? Share with me :D

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