Thursday, July 26, 2012

SuhadaFit UV Baby Milk SPF 38 PA+++

Yes… this is the UV milk week. I managed to write a few posts on various Japanese sunblocks, specifically the milky variation. In the last few days, I wrote about Nivea and Fasio. This time, I will share with you my experience with SuhadaFit.

SuhadaFit is a brand from yet another Japanese cosmetic manufacturer – isehan. I don’t have much experience with isehan’s brands, so cant share much about them here. SuhadaFit sunscreen line comes in 4 variations: Face essence, Water gel, baby milk and daily milk. All features cute packaging design and SPF 50 (except baby milk, which offers only SPF 38).
I don’t need another bottle of UV milk when I got myself this. But, cmon… look at the pretty pink packaging! It will look pretty on my office desk! Ha!
According to ‘contains Aloe Vera, Soluble Collagen, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Rice Bran Oil for improving dryness and the problem of sensitive skin. extracts to protect skin from drying out caused by sun exposure.’ … and I do agree with most of this product description.

While SuhadaFit is perfect in term of presentation, it is lacking on the SPF department. Most of the milks from Japanese brands will come in SPF 50, this one only offers SPF 38.
This sunscreen is in lotion-like texture which is non-sticky and will not leave a greasy layer on the skin. SuhadaFit’s milk is not as runny/thin as most Japanese UV milks. It is more of runny cream/ thick milk- similar to yoghurt consistency (yes, I am hungry now…). But that comes with a surprise… I feel it moisturizes more than other runny UV milks! I like it, since it is still easy to absorb and doesn’t leave white cast- while doesn’t make my face feel oily. My guess is, this would be pleasant to use for those with dry skin. Another good news: it doesn’t smell like anything. Love!
I love the texture of this one – more moisturizing, yet not sticky/oily. It would be perfect hand bag companion if the SPF is higher.

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