Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skinfood Kiwi Yoghurt Wash Off Mask

Skinfood of Korea always has this yummy sounding, prettily packaged stuff... like this one... Kiwi Yoghurt. How can I miss that?

The product is supposed to contain...well, Kiwi Yoghurt, of course! all to balance pH, tighten pores and brighten skin. sounds good...

The texture is just like thick milky gel with green beads suspended. I usually applied it on my face and massaged it in a little bit, then just watch those re runs or grab a DVD. heck, sometimes I do laundry in between too!

after washing the mask off, my skin does feel more fresh and supple. brighter... not so much... tighter pores...definitely didnt see that.

It's an okay mask. not a must. I will wear it when it is there, but wont specifically repurchase.

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