Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gwendolyn Body Lotion in Sandy Sweetpea

This is new local brand from Indonesia. With kawaii girly illustrations on the bottle, I thought it is some kind of new Korean brand.
Dont you agree? It comes with the cute pink bag too!

Currently the shop only offers body lotions in 5 fragrances. I picked Sandy Sweetpea. The SA says 5 more fragrances are coming soon, with lines of antibacterial hand rub and lip balms. Lotions come in 95mL bottle (smallest), 200mL and 400mL.

The lotion contains jojoba oil and vitamin E. It says it also helps whitening your skin and UV filter. Non sticky and suitable for humid tropical weather. Sounds like lotion made from heaven.

Sandy Sweetpea is light and sweet with hint of flowers and fruits. Kinda reminds me of one of Victoria Secret - Secret Garden fragrance. Couldn’t remember which though. Simply said, it is light and lovely – not intrusive but nothing extraordinary. Since the fragrance is light, it doesn’t linger very long – about be 2-3 hours.

Light and baby pink in color, it just calls me over and over to apply more of it. It absorbs easily and wonderfully, leaving the skin lightly fragranced and wonderfully moist.

One thing I am really particular about with my lotions is, if the lotion wash off or makes my hand feeling slick after rinsing my hand with water. Gwendolyn body lotion, feel a little like that. Not so slick, but still, I feel like the lotion is gone after mild rinsing with water. But with the price, this is still a good buy.

One thing though, I think this lotion is not available in many places yet.

In Summary...
Packaging: simple plastic bottle with cute girly pictures
Texture: lightly fragranced body lotion
Is it worth it?
Collateral Damage: IDR 25,000 (approx 3 USD) for 95mL
Yes if... You live in humid climate, you want lightly moisturizing lotion
No if... want heavier lotion

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